HEINE mini 3000 Ophthalmoscope

Maximum quality with minimum dimensions

Modern pocket ophthalmoscope with XHL (xenon halogen illumination). Concentrated, bright light for optimum illumination, a brilliant image and authentic colour rendering. Fixation star aperture with grey filter to reduce light intensity. Excellent optics and outstanding colour rendering with the smallest dimensions – perfect for when you’re out and about and on your rounds. Can be combined with the mini 3000 handle system. Available in black or blue.
  • Reliable diagnosis
  • Intuitive operability
  • Flexible power source options

1. Reliable diagnosis

  • Simple examination process possible without pupil dilation
  • Clear, high-resolution image with minimal reflections
  • 18 lenses ranging from - 20 to + 20 D prevent higher refractive errors
  • Fixation star including grey filter for patients who are sensitive to light
  • 5 different apertures


2. Intuitive operability

  • Switches off automatically as soon as it is clipped to the pocket
  • Practical one-finger operation
  • Handle and head are in 2 parts – for easy servicing and expandability


3. Flexible power source options

  • Rechargeable battery with mini NT table charger
  • Replaceable batteries


Catalogue Number: D-001.71.120

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What lens range does the HEINE mini3000 Ophthalmoscope offer?

The HEINE mini3000 Ophthalmoscope offers a lens range from -20 D to +20 D (lenses).

How do I change the light source in my HEINE mini3000 Ophthalmoscope?

Detach the ophthalmoscope from the handle and remove the bulb. Insert the new bulb until it locks into place. The lug must fit inside the groove of the guide tube.

What handles can be used with the HEINE mini3000 Ophthalmoscope?

The HEINE mini3000 Ophthalmoscope can be used only with the HEINE mini3000 handles.

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