HEINE LAMBDA 100 Retinometer

A precision instrument for looking into the future

High diagnostic reliability and easy handling. The LAMBDA 100 retinometer is the first compact instrument for determining a patient’s potential visual acuity after surgery to treat cataracts or other opacities.
  • Simple and safe diagnosis
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Practical charging option

1. Simple and safe diagnosis

  • Glare-free examination due to brightness control
  • Easy examination due to clear controls
  • Three steps to determine potential visual acuity:
    • Switch on the instrument, select the visual acuity level, set the line pattern, and darken the room
    • Rest the retinometer against the patient’s forehead. Search for a gap in the cloudy media by moving the red dots of light until the patient recognises the line pattern
    • Make the lines finer and finer – by changing the orientation – until the patient can no longer distinguish between them. The last value the patient recognises is their potential visual acuity.
  • Xenon halogen illumination XHL
  • Available in two configurations: Kit 1 with 20 / 300 to 20 / 25 fraction scale (scale 2), Kit 2 with 0.06 to 0.8 decimal scale (scale 1)


2. Lightweight and portable

  • Compact dimensions
  • Flexible use – also for bedridden patients, for example


3. Practical charging option

  • USB rechargeable handle with USB 2.0 cord and plug-in power supply


Catalogue Number: C-038.27.388

More details

LAMBDA 100 with decimal scale (scale 1), BETA4 USB rechargeable handle with USB cord and plug-in power supply, 1 patient card, spare bulb


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