The model with aluminium alloy construction and precision valve

Shockproof. Latex-Free. Upper housing made of aluminium alloy with a shock absorbing ring protecting indicator and glass.

  • Shockproof
  • Aluminium upper housing
  • Latex- Free



Unique pressure measuring system.​ 

Pressure-Proof Manometer. Ensures durability and reliability. 

Micro-Filter. Protects valve and manometer. 

Large-diameter Scale. 56 mm diameter black-on-white scale is easy to read. 

High Quality Indicator. Precisely calibrated, durable and shock resistant. 

Large Insufflation Bulb. 50 % larger bulb volume for fast inflation of the cuff. 

Exclusive Air-Release Valve. Provides fine and precise air release rate adjustment, quick deflation, and extreme durability. A rubber-stop prevents valve-lock.

Upper housing made of aluminium alloy with a shock absorbing ring protecting indicator and glass. 

Lower housing is moulded of shockproof plastic with shock absorbing, anti-slip coating. 

Light alloy, adjustable spoon. For both right- or left-handed operation.

High quality, single-tube cuff with velcro Fastener. Washable. 

Ergonomic Design: G7 is perfectly balanced for comfort and ease of use.


Catalogue Number: M-000.09.232

Further articles / Accessories HEINE GAMMA G7

GAMMA G7 / G5 / GP Single-tube cuffs (cpl.)

Infant; Size 6 x 28 cm; Circumference 8 ��� 13 cm

GAMMA G7 / G5 / GP Single-tube cuffs (cpl.)

Child; Size 10 x 34 cm; Circumference 13 - 20 cm

GAMMA G7 / G5 / GP Single-tube cuffs (cpl.)

Small adult; Size 14 x 53 cm; Circumference 20 ��� 29 cm

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Adult; Size 14 x 58 cm; Circumference 29 ��� 41 cm

GAMMA G7 / G5 / GP Single-tube cuffs (cpl.)

Adult large; Size 17 x 70 cm; Circumference 35 - 47 cm

GAMMA G7 / G5 / GP Single-tube cuffs (cpl.)

Thigh; Size 20 x 86 cm; Circumference 41 - 59 cm


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Does HEINE have mercurial blood pressure units?

No, HEINE sphygmomanometers are no mercurial blood pressure units.

Can I use spray disinfectant?


Can I use ultrasonic bath for cleaning?


Can I sterilise the devices?


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