HEINE BETA 200 LED Retinoscope

For easy and quick observation of the fundus reflex

Hand-held retinoscope for objective refraction with totally even LEDHQ illumination for a precise streak. Enables quick and easy recognition of the fundus reflex.

  • Reliable diagnosis
  • Enhanced durability
  • Intuitive operability
  • Flexible power source options

1. Reliable diagnosis

  • Reliable measurement of the eye’s refraction
  • Precise adjustment of the parallel beam path due to ParaStop
  • Very bright and clearly visible fundus reflex due to a very bright, precise streak with a line width of typically 1.1 mm (ISO 12865 standard < 1.5 mm) and a line length of 35 mm
  • Particularly bright and even light due to LEDHQ
  • Patented and exclusive continuous dimmability between 3 and 100%
  • Polarisation filter eliminates stray light and internal reflections
  • Minimised light leaks due to good eye socket coverage


2. Enhanced durability

  • Exceptional durability due to metal controls
  • Maintenance-free and dustproof
  • LEDHQ with virtually unlimited working life
  • 5-year guarantee


3. Intuitive operability

  • Practical one-finger operation
  • Convenient thumb operation with a single control for vergence and line rotation
  • Holder for fixation cards for dynamic retinoscopy (optional)


4. Flexible power source options

  • Rechargeable battery: with USB or table charger
  • Full functionality of the BETA 200 LED is guaranteed with the current BETA rechargeable handles and the EN 200 / EN 200-1 wall transformers.


Catalogue Number: C-014.10.118

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