HEINE mini 3000 Combi Lamp

Compact, all purpose illuminator with integrated tongue-blade holder

Sturdy, long-life pocket diagnostic light in a compact, modern design. Bright, concentrated light thanks to unique XHL Xenon Halogen lens-bulb.


    Sturdy, long-life pocket diagnostic light in a compact, modern design. Bright, concentrated light thanks to unique XHL Xenon Halogen lens-bulb. 

    Can only be used with the mini 3000 handle system. Available in black or blue.

    Many applications. Can be used as a general illuminator and as an illuminated tongue-blade holder for wooden blades and HEINE disposable blades. 

    2-piece handle and head. Easy to maintain, flexible. Compatible with other mini 3000 instrument heads. 

    Enhanced XHL Xenon Halogen lens-bulb with 100% more light compared with conventional bulbs. Bright, focused light.

    High-quality handle: Chrome-finish upper section / refined plastic. Shockproof, sturdy, non-slip. 

    Attachment clip with integrated on / off switch. Secure. Switches off automatically when replaced in the pocket. 20.000 switch cycles guaranteed.

    Replaceable batteries. Size AA or optional rechargeable battery with mini NT table charger.


    Catalogue Number: D-001.76.120

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    Pack of 100 disposable plastic tongue-blades


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