HEINE GAMMA 3.3 paediatric stethoscope

For the examination of children.

The new HEINE GAMMA 3.3 paediatric stethoscope has been given a complete overhaul. Particular emphasis was placed on an excellent ergonomic design, with angled binaurals and new ear olives. The extra-small, solid aluminium chest piece alone saves around 60% in weight. The switchable double chest piece scores top marks thanks to excellent acoustics and is tailor-made for examining children in practice or hospital settings.
  • Excellent ergonomics thanks to improved design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Excellent acoustics with double chest piece
  • Durable and high-quality

1. Excellent ergonomics thanks to improved design

  • Internal and welded spring
  • Better fit and shielding thanks to optimised ear olives
  • Better anatomical fit to the ear canal thanks to angled binaurals
  • Optimum patient accessibility due to angled connector on the chest piece
  • Higher-quality plastics in compliance with all health-related requirements
  • Increased patient comfort thanks to improved non-chill rims
  • Simple and safe to disinfect


2. Extremely lightweight

  • Extremely comfortable to wear, weighing just 122 grams in total
  • Solid aluminium chest piece


3. Excellent acoustics with double chest piece

  • Switchable from membrane to cone function to cover the relevant frequency ranges
  • Single-tube construction with excellent sound transmission
  • Quality membrane (31 mm in diameter) for optimum sound transmission
  • Cone diameter 30 mm


4. Durable and high-quality

  • Made in Germany
  • Replaceable membrane
  • 5-year guarantee


Catalogue Number: M-000.09.943

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do HEINE stethoscopes contain latex?

No. All materials of the stethoscopes are latex-free.

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