HEINE visionPRO HyMac 3 single-use blade

The new hyperangulated HEINE blade

Every now and again, you encounter airway situations that require you to look ‘around the corner’ where it is beneficial to use a slightly more curved blade. The new HEINE visionPRO HyMac 3 single-use blade with a more pronounced curvature is now available specifically for these special situations.
  • Special, hyperangulated geometry
  • Upcycled material
  • HEINE FixLock System
  • Safe and hygienic

Special, hyperangulated geometry:

The blade is curved in the distal area, causing it to tilt sharply behind the base of the tongue, thus helping to lift the epiglottis ‘almost by itself’.

  • The visionPRO HyMac 3 blade can also be used like an ordinary visionPRO Mac blade – so it can be used intuitively without any need for extra training
  • It was designed to displace part of the tongue so that you get a working channel that is as direct as possible, meaning the ET tube only needs to be guided around a slight bend:
    • A standard stylet is all that is needed to navigate the ET tube safely to its destination
    • There is no longer any need for special, expensive accessories that complicate the intubation process
    • The complexity of the intubation process is not increased unnecessarily
  • Fast and intuitive intubation routine


Upcycled material

  • Environmental protection due to CO2 savings 
  • Sustainable production on an energy-saving machine with green electricity
  • Reduction in material consumption: 
    • Minimalist design
    • Injection moulding process that produces very little waste


HEINE FixLock System

Secure locking: 

  • You can clearly hear the fixing clip noticeably engage automatically on the fixing hook 
  • The FixLock system is positioned on the side meaning it does not interfere with the ET tube

Secure release:

  • Simply lift the fixing clip ever so slightly after use 
  • Scrape the blade without touching any potentially contaminated areas of the blade 


Safe and hygienic

  • Clearly visible labelling visionPRO HyMac 3
  • Secure fitting, even in time-critical situations, due to the speculum shape
  • Good blade handling due to a slim product design 
  • The blade design protects the camera arm from contamination, and enables fast and effective reprocessing
  • Each blade is packed in a hygienically clean manner in its own individual packaging


Catalogue Number: F-000.22.246

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