HEINE HC 50L Headband Rheostat

Fingertip Illumination Control for OMEGA 500 / UNPLUGGED

Left or right sided Mounting Options on the OMEGA Headband.


    Left or right sided Mounting Options on the OMEGA Headband.

    Can be combined with EN 50 and mPack (with connection cord X-000.99.667).

    100 – 240 V Compatible Transformer.

    For use with OMEGA 500 with XHL and LEDHQ illumination.


    Catalogue Number: X-095.16.325

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    Without plug-in transformer, for OMEGA 500 Ophthalmoscope


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    Connection Cord Cinch

    to EN50 charger/mPack/plug-in transformer for HC50 L, 1,6m


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